Water Management

  • We ask our guests to use water responsibly.
  • We recommend avoiding the replacement of towels and sheets unless necessary.
  • We install dual-flush toilets.
  • We implement a drip irrigation system.

Energy Management

  • We use LED technology to illuminate all areas of the hotel.
  • We install power cut-off cards that are activated when guests are not in the room.
  • We use modern, energy-efficient electrical appliances.
  • We implemented thermal insulation in ceilings, doors, and floors.
  • Windows are equipped with double glazing to improve insulation.
  • We promote tourist activities that do not require the use of automobiles.
  • We maximize the use of natural light to cool, illuminate and ventilate spaces.

Materials management

  • We use marble and porcelain tiles due to their greater durability.
  • We use noble materials such as iron, stone and wood to guarantee quality and resistance.
  • In our bed linen and towels, we use natural cottons of greater durability and easy maintenance.

Waste management

  • We purchase products in bulk and with minimal packaging to reduce waste generation.
  • We replace disposable items with reusable options, such as rechargeable batteries, personal hygiene product dispensers and cloth laundry bags.
  • We reuse packaging whenever possible to reduce resource consumption.
  • We sort waste into organic and inorganic to facilitate proper waste management.
  • We place trash cans for dry and clean recyclables in rooms and containers for organic waste in the kitchen and bar areas.
  • We transform food scraps into organic fertilizer for use in our gardens and orchards.
  • We limit the use of paper in our operations.
  • We replace disposable straws with stainless steel straws.
  • We provide our guests with cloth shopping bags to discourage the use of disposable plastic bags.

Biodiversity and landscape conservation

  • We collaborate with the Friends of Los Glaciares National Park Association.
  • Our staff is certified by the National Park as Tourist Hosts.
  • We sponsor conservation and environmental education activities in the area.
  • We collaborate with volunteer staff in conservation work.
  • In our garden, we avoid invasive exotic species to protect the local flora.
  • We offer visitors the opportunity to make voluntary donations to support Los Glaciares National Park programs.
  • We promote tourism activities that avoid causing negative environmental impact.
  • We provide field guides on plants, birds, fauna and geography for our guests.