We believe that in uncertain times like these, it is important to assure our guests that we are taking all necessary measures and redoubling our efforts so that they have a pleasant and safe stay. The health of our staff and guests is our absolute priority.

In Santa Cruz province, Decree 989/21 establishes that “It will be mandatory for entry by air or land, for all those over 16 years of age, to have at least the first dose of the vaccination scheme 14 days prior to entering the Province. In the case of NOT complying with the requirement, you must present a negative swab certificate made in the last 72 hours “

Here are some highlights


We always follow strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols. However, we are paying special attention to high contact surfaces such as key cards and room keys, door handles, light switches, etc.

Cleaning. Room cleaning as required by the guest to minimize the traffic in and out the guests´ rooms

Public spaces.

  • We increased the cleaning frequency of common areas and frequent contact surfaces both at the reception and at Café Kaulem.
  • We placed sanitizing stations and informative signage in public areas.
  • The use of face masks in closed public spaces and hand hygiene at all times is recommended.

Our staff.

  • We ask our staff to wear masks when in contact with guests.
  • We make temperature checks at the beginning of each shift.
  • In case of presenting compatible symptoms with Covid-19, we ask them to stay home to avoid passing it to others.
  • Their workplace is regularly cleaned.
  • They are reminded constantly of the importance of keeping their hands clean and wearing face masks at all times.

We ask our passengers to follow certain security protocols.

  • Electronic check-in form
  • Guests are required to wear facial masks within indoor public spaces
  • They are required to wear facial masks when entering and leaving Kaulem Cafe. It is not necessary to use them while they are seated at their respective tables.
  • In case of not feeling well, presenting symptoms compatible with Covid-19 or having been near someone with a suspected or confirmed active case, we ask you to stay at home, taking care of yourself and taking care of us, and save your visit for another time.


We remind you of the importance of keeping your hands clean, wearing facial mask in closed public spaces and keeping social distancing.